Drive your values - full

In today's business arena, it is crucial that organisations are cognisant of the views and values of their employees. Not to do so can increase the potential for misalignment, conflict, stressed and disempowered staff and a negative impact on the bottom line. This is particularly true in times of culture change and organisational shifts.

This system is ideal for whole organisation health checks as well as specific team or section mapping.

There will be an initial discussion with the decision maker of the organisation regarding any particular concerns and the group(s) of employees to be included. The identified employees and / or teams will be informed that they have been identified to complete a Values Survey on the organisation.

The online questionnaire will capture the individual's top values, the desired value culture of the organisation and where the individual currently sees the values of the organisation. On completion, a mapping structure will clearly identify areas of alignment as well as highlighting potential entropy and conflict.

If this Values Survey is done with a specific team, the team members will come together for a day's training post questionnaire to examine the issues and find a collaborative way forward.

If the Values Survey is completed as a health check for the organisation, a detailed consultancy discussion will follow to discuss next steps.

This powerful leadership and organisational tool delivers transparent information to the decision makers, ensuring that quick, succinct and effective steps can be implemented to enhance the sustainability and internal health of the organisation, leading to a positive impact on the bottom line.