Turn your team into a super-team - full details

The buck stops with you.

As a leader, know this, believe this - live it!

The senior leadership team of any organisation represents the health of the whole organisation. You are the benchmark that others follow and it is system-critical that you lead as a 'super team'.

The company depends on it. Employees depend on it. Shareholders depend on it. Customers depend on it.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Does the leadership team work collaboratively or in silos?
  • Is it ego neutral or ego dominant?
  • Is it mutually supportive or individually back stabbing?
  • Are you all driven by shared values?
  • Is there mutual respect?
  • Are you communicating the same message both internally and externally?
  • Are you communicating effectively within the team and with stakeholders?

This one day programme will highlight the positive aspects of your leadership team dynamics, as well as expose the areas of challenge.

First off, we support you in establishing collaborative and consistent goals and messages.

We identify areas of potential conflict and areas of high performance.

We enable you, as a team, to manage the demands of your positions in a way that allows you, individually and collectively, to expand even more fully into your role(s).

You will end the day with:

  • The essential tool kit for leadership team sustainable success
  • Putting actions in place for individual and collective goals
  • The establishment of ongoing support, from each other and from us
  • A clear personal accountability framework
  • The ability to create robust and powerful teams within the rest of the organisation
  • Increased loyalty and motivation from employees

You can download a copy of our full course brochure [PDF format] here