Media and communications - getting your key messages across

Your and your organisation's media image are becoming ever-more critical to success.

Whether you work in a company, NGO, charity or in the public sector, your personal image is vital (as a leader or prospective leader) - your career and your personal and organisation's success depend on it.

Times are tough and your stakeholders, customers, suppliers, financiers and the public are continually bombarded with negative stories. You need to get your messages across effectively and efficiently. Reputation is critical for all organisations (commercial, non-commercial and public sector) - it can take years to establish and seconds to destroy. We can all recall cases where a Stock Market name's share value plummeted overnight with negative speculation in the media - not to mention the career of the person making the blunder.

You don't want to be that person, do you?

It is critical to be pro-active: to develop and maintain a good image, with clear and positive messages - for yourself and the organisation.

What will you learn?

Each of our seminars is tailored to your needs. They are run under strict NDA (confidentiality - from us to you and you to us!), so you can safely practise 'live issues' and with matters of real concern.

The best learning comes from addressing challenges and overcoming them. You will have a lot of practice, get feedback to help and find out about:

  • what is news?
  • what are your key messages?
  • how to prepare effectively
  • how to give an effective interview
  • how to get your message across effectively
  • how to handle difficult questions
  • why good media relations are critical to your organisation - and you!

Most of all, we will help you develop your confidence and competence in a relaxed, safe and very supportive environment so that you will go away better able to plan, prepare and take control of media interviews and similar situations when you want to be sure you get your key messages across effectively and efficiently.