Customer service and effective communication

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In a nutshell ...

This one day programme will enable you to understand the different aspects of customer service, how people differ in their experience of customer service and how to make adjustments to create a positive experience for all.

Who is this programme ideal for?

This programme is ideal for people who want to create a positive impact with their communication and are passionate about where they work and what they do. We all have customers, these can be external clients, stakeholders or internal colleagues and leaders.

What will you achieve?

Clear and open communication is key to all mutually-beneficial interactions. You will learn how to recognise people's communication style, how to deal positively with customer feedback and how to respond effectively for different communication styles. You will discover what 'noise' gets in the way of clear communication and how it can impact on customer service, and how you can overcome this noise and stay present with customers and clients at all times.

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