Public speaking - making your best impression

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In a nutshell ...

This one-day programme will enable you to speak for yourself, your organisation and your team with confidence and authority, whatever the situation - whether it is at an internal meeting or presentation to the Board, an external conference, with customers or investers, or as a speaker at an event.

Who is this programme ideal for?

RDPI - speaking skills

This programme is ideal for people who want to change quickly from being a nervous and / or inexperienced speaker to a speaker with confidence, authority and gravitas. If you want to make the best impression when presenting, this will help you build that confidence and experience.

What will you achieve?

You will learn techniques that will enable you to conduct yourself with confidence and present yourself with impact. You will also leave with the ability to tackle and stop nerves from taking over, the knowledge of where your voice comes from and how to protect one of your most precious assets. You will move from 'rabbit in headlights' to a strong, impactful and confident speaker, able to communicate effectively and with authority.

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