The collaborative leader

Is there a difference between management and leadership?


However, too many people move up the career pyramid from one to the other without acknowledging or learning the difference.

We work with both new leaders and those established in the role to ensure that they fully embrace the leadership arena and flourish within it.

So, what is Collaborative Leadership?

Are you truly fully inclusive with all your decisions and behaviour? Do you:

  • fully embrace Corporate Social Responsibility in all its many forms?
  • Practice personal care with your stress, enabling you to turn stress to success?
  • Always bring out the best in the teams you lead? Do you have a route in place to take them from a 'good' team to a super team?
  • Take on the importance of a gender balance within the leadership and management structure? What percentage of women in leadership does your organisation have?
  • Feel fully confident that when called upon to represent your organisation in potentially challenging situations, you have the necessary media skills to perform at your optimum and communicate the key messages?

If you were not able to answer an emphatic 'yes' to all of the above questions, it is likely that our series of collaborative leadership programmes will have solution(s) that you have been looking for and help you develop yourself into the leadership role to progress towards becoming the leader you want to be.

If you could answer an emphatic 'yes" to them all, then we suggest that you look at our programmes to help the congruent leader develop and practise the skills they need to take them towards the pinnacle of the leadership pyramid.