Your personal vison - identifying it, developing it, communcating it

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In a nutshell ...

Corporate Social Responsibility is the organisational term. However, what is your personal CSR? This programme will enable you to unlock your inner global vision.

RDPI - personal vision

Who is this programme ideal for?

This programme is ideal for the leader who is ready to create their own 'mark in the Universe' - to leave a legacy and strong foundation, upon which others can pick up the reigns and continue the journey.

What will you achieve?

Achievements will be dependent upon your desired outcomes, agreed and set at the start of the process.

Depending on the results you might wish to achieve, you will:

  • ensure you leave your positive mark, upon the organisation and the community;
  • create sustainability of message that becomes part of the DNA of your organisation;
  • Empower others to follow in your foot steps and create their own legacy;
  • Be a role model for 21st Century Leadership.

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